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Dr. Loren Morgan
President, CEO, of Morgan Chiropractic

I graduated in 1989 from Palmer College of Chiropractcic, the founding college of chiropractic located in Davenport, Iowa. I have been active in Anchorage, Alaska ever since.

I was voted chiropractor of the year in 1999 through 2000 as well as 2001-2002.  I am very proud of these awards.

I have held the office of President of the Alaska Chiropractic Society and continue to stay active within the society. A goal of the Alaska Chiropractic Society is to educate the public on chiropractic issues. Also, to inform and make the public aware of the scope of chiropractic and how it can influence health care with out the use of drugs and surgery.

I have held the office of president of the Alaska chapter of the International Alumni Association of Palmer College of Chiropractic and continue to stay active in the organization and my Alma Mater.

I have served on numerous boards and panels within the state of Alaska, which address health care and public safety issues. I have also helped thousands of injured Alaskans regain their health through chriopractic care and I am certain I can help thousands more! Being an Alaskan resident for over 25 years, I feel I am very qualified in addressing the needs of fellow Alaskans regarding work and play. It has been said that I am a good listener and am compassionate for the health care of individuals I am envolved with.

Practice Goals

Our purpose is to help as many people possible to attain optimal health through chiropractic and any other alternative form of health care we feel will help our patients.

We strive to ensure our patients and the public at large are throughly educated on the negative side effects of drugs and surgery. An enlightened and aware patient is one who will make an intelligent decision for their health and the health of the people closest to them.

In this way we will continue to make chiropractic the number one health choice. Chiropractic is not an alternative to general allopathic medicine but a completely seperate healing art based on wellness.

Thomas Eisenmayer

Thomas Eisenmayer who has been seeing Dr. Morgan since the mid-1990s describes his experience at Morgan Chiropractic as : "Excellent. The ProAdjuster has been a quantum leap in chiropractic adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Morgan and the ProAdjuster.

Branda Skaflestad

"Prior to seeing Dr. Morgan, I had no experience with chiropractic care. One day, I was having what I thought was a sinus headache. When Dr. Morgan suggested an adjustment, I was slightly skeptical. However, after using the ProAdjuster on me, not only did my headache cease but I slept better than I have slept in months and have slept well ever since. I would reccommend the ProAdjuster and Dr. Morgan to anyone who is interested in chiropractic care."

Warren Reeves

So far, the team here at Morgan Chiropractic has been very helpful, professional, and curtious while keeping me on the right track to complete recovery from my vehicle accident. I would recommend Morgan Chiropractic to anyone seeking top of the line care for back, neck, or other related problems :) "

Donald Barratt

During the past ten years or so as a patient, Dr. Morgan and his staff have been friendly and supportive in my treatments."

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